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Elite Foods Joint Stock Company

Over 10 years of establishment, Elite Foods Joint Stock Company has become one of the pioneers in the fruit export industry with the desire to bring quality fresh fruits from Vietnam to the world.

In our development, we have maintained our commitment to our customers with high quality products exported to the European – American market.

Why Choose Us

Elite Foods JSC is committed to bringing customers the freshest experience of all the most delicious tropical fruits according to four criteria:

Excellent Service

Services exceed expectations from consulting - packaging - transportation - after sales service

Clean Working

All fruits exported meet international food hygiene and safety standards

Quality And Reliability

The quality of fruits is top-notch and trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers during the operation of Elite Foods JSC

Expert Farmer

The farmers are all experienced and highly skilled, ensuring the quality of fruits output is stable and uniform.

Our Products

Work with Us

Those who want to buy goods, go into partnership or do business in the field of fruit export, please leave contact information including phone or email and information about your needs.

01. Contact us at a convenient time for you.

02. Place an order for products or services.

03. Get an order that made.

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